Happy new year 2023

All the Arqualea team wishes you the best for 2023.

A rich year awaits us. We are still working on our new edition of Arqualea in Metavers mode and this keeps us very busy. But we don't forget the historical players who followed us since the beginning of the adventure 2 years ago.

On the ... Read more ...

End of season 1

Hello dear players,

The first season of Arqualea ended on September 8th. It was a hard competition. The suspense was absolute until the last week and Laridelle succeeded.

All our team thanks you for this beautiful adventure.

We went into " design " mode to prepare the next edition of the game, ... Read more ...

Preseason the winners

The preseason has finally come to an end.

The winners graced us with some pics. Lovely! 

TropEasy came out on top by answering the first two riddles very quickly and without clues.

Bender entered the competition a little later and secured second place in the third riddle by using three ... Read more ...

Preseason ranking

Preseason ranking

1 TropEasy : 370 points

2 Bender : 330 points

3 titine79200 : 200 points

4 Azurella : 190 points

5 Laridelle : 185 points

6 kschoice : 170 points

7 Sunny : 150 points

8 Lenoich : 150 points

9 cyclo : 125 ... Read more ...


Arqualea has reached the historic threshold of 5,000 players and this is just the beginning. In this key moment between the first two great periods of our game, we are launching the next step.

To support us in our development and to prepare the next season with serenity, Arqualea is calling for ... Read more ...

Leader's interview

We asked the current leader of the preseason rankings to answer some questions.We share his answers with you.

You solved the 1st riddle quickly, and the 2nd in less than an hour, all without any clues... To what do you attribute this speed?

It's true that for the moment, this ... Read more ...


Don't forget our sponsorship program which can earn you mirenans. Let’s explain how itworks.

1/ You get a new player to sign up for Arqualea/succeed in persuading a player to sign up for Arqualea (by whichever method suits you, we don't care).

2/ On the registration form, the player must ... Read more ...

Profile of a champion

Interview of Eury666, first player to solve an Arqualea riddle


The riddle I solved was the first one, called "Beyond the World". I had already tried one answer before I got the right one. I think it took me an hour or maybe a ... Read more ...

Social networks

Dear players,

It is very important to follow us on social networks. This is the reason why.

For starters, social networks are the main means for us to become known. However,Arqualea is a community game. As the number of players increases, so does our list ofpartners, hence a greater ... Read more ...

The reference - Solution

The event "The reference" is over.

As promised, we suggest you follow this tutorial that will provide you a step-by-step guide to solve the riddle.

Ultimately, you will learn how to come to grips with the riddles of Arqualea.

At the beginning was the golden owl

(Special dedication to Fabien Olicard)

For those who don't know, Sur la trace de la Chouette d’Or (“On the trail of the GoldenOwl'') is a French armchair treasure hunt book published in 1993. Its creator, MaxValentin, asked artist Michel Becker to make an owl statuette worth ... Read more ...

Image tables

You can see them at the end of some riddles, but most likely, you are not aware of thepurpose they serve.

Very simple: to turn a text answer into a number. The chart is an alphabet.

When you run into it, it means that the expected answer to the riddle is a text that needsto be translated ... Read more ...

Participate !

And what if you make up riddles, too? During our special events, we post riddles for alimited time.

If you feel like submitting your riddles, send them to us. If they are picked by ourcommittee, they can be added to the game. You have to agree not to disclose the answer. You will receive a bonus ... Read more ...

About mirenans

The mirenan is the currency of the game. It allows you to buy clue codes or attempts toanswer. There are several ways to get mirenans:

1. Loyalty: We offer you 1 mirenan every single day you log into your account. VisitArquelea every day to make your capital grow.2. ... Read more ...


Throughout the transitional periods, i. e. before the ten weeks of the game, we will hold some events and surprise challenges which will earn you some mirenans.

The mirenan currency is very important in the game because it lets you get clues to solve your riddles or give additional answers. Stay tuned, the ... Read more ...

How to perform well on Arqualea?

Do you need a high level of general knowledge to play Arqualea? Excel in logic? A mathexpert?

No! Arquelea's riddles are complicated, but above all things, they require cunning and alot of research on the Internet.

The key to solving them is research.

But of course, it's also a race ... Read more ...

What is a joker clue code ?

A joker clue code can be bought in-store. You can get it in exchange for mirenans,the currency of Miner. This code can be exchanged for a clue on any riddle. The same principle applies to the answer codes.