Participate !

And what about write down your riddles too? During our special events, we publish riddles for a limited duration.

If you would like to submit your riddles, send them to us. If they are selected by our committee, they can added to the game. Of course, you will have to agree not to communicate the solution. You will receive a bonus in minerans, equivalent to the event's winner award and you will be mentioned in the news.

If you wish to send your riddles, please write us via the contact form. Specify the name and text of your riddle, the result number or the result in letters, which in this case must be a single word, without accent and without special characters. You will also have to explain which path the players should use to find this result, which search on a search engine, which deduction from the words present in your riddle. Finally, don't forget that your riddle must work in French AND in English, and that it must not favor any language.

If your riddle is selected, you will be informed on the email address you use in the game. So why not you?