Social networks

Dear players,

It is very important to follow us on social networks. We explain why.

First of all, social networks are the main means to make us known. However, Arqualea is a community game. The more players there are, the more partners we have, the more the jackpot will increase, the more interesting it will be to play it. When the community reaches several thousand active players, we will start to have monster prizes.

Secondly, on the social networks, we make you win gifts or mirenans when we organize events. Many players have taken advantage of these operations during the training camp period, don't miss this chance.

Think about the principle of Arqualea, the mirenans are at the core of the game, they allow you to get additional clues or answer rights, which significantly increases your chances of solving the riddles and getting points.

We are present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You will find all the direct links at the bottom of the page on the website. Be many to subscribe, participate, share, retweet, like and you will be rewarded. So don't forget, big community, big earnings and it all depends on you ... Translated with (free version)