Leader's interview

We asked the current leader of the preseason rankings to answer some questions.
We share his answers with you.

You solved the 1st riddle quickly, and the 2nd in less than an hour, all without any clues... To what do you attribute this speed?

It's true that for the moment, this game is working for me! For the first two riddles, my first hunch was right. At the moment the riddles make a lot of references to cinematographic or literary works. Being a movie fan, I think this has helped me so far.

What advice would you give to those who want to unseat you?

First of all, I hope that nobody will unseat me! But I think I would advise my competitors to trust their instinct. And also, to play with friends, to discuss it with other people, familiar with riddle games or not. I like riddle games when they are shared, when there is a competition between friends. It tends to free up ideas.

Do you consider yourself a fan of riddle games?

Yes, I guess you could say that. I started, like many people, with the Owl. I was a very young teenager, and I wasn't solving much. Then I created my own game, mixing two of my passions: movies and treasure hunts. It was called Trop Easy (my nickname on this hunt). I put the first episode here, for those who want to rack their brains:
Trop Easy allowed me to meet a great team, with whom we have been doing a lot of treasure hunts since. At the moment, they are quite busy with another hunt that I am not involved in. So I took the lead on this one.

What do you like most about Arqualea?

Arqualea doesn't require cryptographic skills, or other specialized knowledge. You just have to search, make associations... I really like that.

How difficult do you think Arqualea is, or on the contrary, how accessible, especially thanks to the mirenans and clues available?

I'll have trouble answering this question, I haven't bought any Mirenans or clues yet... But being in the first position, I might be tempted to do so for the next one.

Thank you to tropEasy for his answers that certainly help other players