Arqualea is a game designed and developed by Alamosoft, located 3538 chemin d'Agliani, 20600 Bastia.

Alamosoft is a French company (SASU) under French law with a capital of 500€. Alamosoft was founded in 2018.


Arqualea is a competition game based on mental agility and research. Under no circumstances is the game subject to luck ,and thus to French regulations governing gambling.

Arqualea is a free game. Player aids (additional clues or attempts ) can be obtained in exchange for minerans, which constitute an internal capital that belongs to the game.

The minerans can be exchanged for real money according to a rate set by the exclusive authority of the game developer . No complaints will be accepted regarding the use of the minerans by the players.

All transactions (financial, i.e. money for minerans, or virtual, i.e. minerans for player aids ) are recorded . They will be made available to legal authorities if necessary

Transactions carried out by the partnership program are subject to commercial laws. In the event of a dispute, the competent court of law will be the Commercial Court of Bastia.

For further information, please contact the following address: