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My name is Kaleb Simeon. I am a tracker.
I'm not from your world, I just got here a few weeks ago.
I am from Miren, a planet located far beyond your solar system, but in the same galaxy.
Miren is a planet with oxygen, very akin to yours, although smaller. fewer inhabitants and conflicts have led Miren to achieve a level of technological knowledge significantly higher than yours. But every silver lining as a cloud. Little by little, overpopulation, exploitation of resources and even the technical progress led us to suffer from climate change. The universe needs to balance it out.

A little over one hundred years ago, our great council entrusted our best scientist, a man named Milos Barzin, with the mission of adressing this problem.
Milos Barzin was a researcher, chemist and physicist, the greatest genius of his time and perhaps of all time. In his entourage, he was said to have gone crazy since the tragic lost his wife, Arqualea.
But his reputation was so impeccable that our council placed its trust in him.
To say that Barzin did a good job would be far below the truth. In two years, he designed, tested and implemented a space belt consisting of 10 particle cannons responsible for maintaining the balance of our atmosphere. Within a few months, the first signs of global warming faded. Science shielded us from Mother Nature.
Ecstatic, the council accepted Milos Barzin's wish to name the device Arqualea. But after a few months and the atmosphere under control, Milos Barzin asked the council to compensate his work. He demanded, for himself and his offspring (Barzin had a daughter) to collect an annuity worth 1% of the wealth produced by the planet he had saved.

Given Barzin's astronomical demands, the council issued an arrest warrant against him. But he managed to escape from behind bars. Still, the trackers of that time could locate the trajectory of his ship, it was going towards your planet, the Earth. But at that time, it took almost 90 years of cryogenic stasis to reach such a destination. The Arqualea device was working, the engineers tasked with the maintenance and supervision were trained and skilled, it wasn't ethical to pursue Milos Barzin in his exile.
The following generations continued to benefit from our technological development, they were protected by the Arqualea device. Surely, our natural atmosphere was suffering more and more, but it was constantly balanced by the artificial shield created by the 10 particle cannons. Freed from the threat, we practically forgot about it.

But a few years ago, engineers noticed that the shield was beginning to lose its effectiveness. Then, they discovered that Milos Barzin had incorporated a programmed process of obsolescence into his cannons. When this process activated, our protective shield would gradually become less efficient, and eventually leave us to the merciless blaze of our sun.
In his madness, Milos Barzin had planned to let Arqualea function for as long as it was necessary to complete his journey to Earth, so he could witness, from a distance, the agony of the world that had so poorly rewarded him for his efforts.
The order of the trackers instructed me to look for him and obtain the 10 keys thar unlock the particle cannons. Fortunately, our space travel capabilities have made great progress, and it only took me one of your years to arrive on Earth.
I recently tracked one of Milos Barzin's laboratories. There is no doubt that the mirenean technology is very different from yours. I did not find the codes there but I got my hands on a booklet with 10 riddles. It clearly states that solving these riddles will give each of the codes for the Arqualea device.
I will find Milos Barzin. Wherever he is, I'll find him, I'm a tracker, that's my specialty. But I can't solve these riddles. They make references to your history, your geography, the events of the past and present, people or figures from the past. I urgently need to get the codes for the engineers so that they can reprogram the particle guns. But I don't know your world, I need your help.
The Trackers Order has authorized me to recruit apprentices here. They will be responsible for solving these riddles. In the laboratory, Milos Barzin has left a large sum of earthly money, wich will be distributed to the most perceptive apprentices.

From time to time, I will be able to help you in your quest, in my own way, by obtaining additional information from the laboratory's mirenian computers. All apprentices will have a mirenian account which they can replenish by exchanging the terrestrial for mirenians if comes down to it. This account will allow you to turn on the computers in order to get help. But watch out! The order of the trackers is governed by a code and a set of rules, and anyone who does not respect them will be evicted. Friends of the Earth, Miren needs you. Every day, the solar blaze get closer and closer. Our fate is in your hands. Join the adventure, become a tracker and use your mind for the sake of our planet.

Your friend,

Kaleb Simeon

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