The Arqualea website is open from January 1, 2021. But the ranking game period will not start until June 23.

The seasons of Arqualea are organized into three successive periods. 

  • The training camp: During this period, we close the shop and broadcast regular news as well as training riddles. Excepted during special events, they are not rewarded, they are used to familiarize players with the principle of Arqualea game.

  • The preseason: During this period, the store is open and puzzles are published each month. Its a competitive mode with points delivery and 1000€ cash prize (about $1200 USD). Rankings are reset to 0 after presaison period. the pre-season will begin on March 15 and end on June 15, just before the regular season.

  • The regular season: During this period of 10 weeks, the shop is open, a riddle is published each week and points are awarded to players who manage to solve it. At the end of the regular season, the prizes are given to the players and the rankings are reset to 0. A new period of training camp can then begin. The regular season will begin on June 23.